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Arc aluminum veneer series

Arc aluminum veneer series

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Non-standard ceiling series:

Non - standard smallpox in the decoration effect, as a result of the color of the richness and processing of the optional aluminum alloy material almost covered the entire modern decoration.Take a broad view of Shanghai pudong this internationalization big market, the application of metal adornment material is everywhere, the color change of material can show the culture of an enterprise adequately.Deepen the social understanding and memory of the enterprise, so that the application of materials is not a single decorative concept and integrated into the enterprise culture.


Non-standard ceiling series -- arc aluminum veneer series:

Arc aluminum veneer is a way to realize the design of apartment and multi-level space.With a variety of colors, surface treatments and curved curvature options, curved aluminum veneer is becoming the trend of the future.

Curved aluminum veneer has arc, arc and wave shape arc style, perforated sound absorption processing or flat plate to choose from.

Curved aluminum veneers are suitable for external walls, outdoor awnings, exhibition stands, squares, airports, subway stations, bus stations and indoor suspended ceilings.



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