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Aluminum veneer in the installation of the need to pay attention to the details


1. Check whether the quality of the horizontal and vertical keel meets the requirements of the drawing.Horizontal and vertical keel installation is in accordance with the requirements of the design code.Horizontal and vertical connection bolt of keel installation has no leakage.Keel welding parts have no rust treatment.


2. Check the construction drawings and field measured dimensions in detail to ensure the improvement of the design and processing. At the same time, carefully check with the structural node diagram to find the parts inconsistent with it and correct the design as soon as possible.Sharpening the knife not by mistake cutting wood, early discovery, early correction.

3, the connection between the connector and the vertical keel should be reliable, do not leak the spring pad.

4. The material and processing geometry of the metal connector must meet the design requirements, and the material must have the factory certificate and the reexamination report.

5. Check the material, color, strength, appearance and processing accuracy of aluminum veneer to see whether it conforms to the design and national standards.The surface of the machined aluminum veneer provided shall not have obvious indentation, indentation, dent and other residues, no damage to the surface, no hidden damage and markings;When the floor is connected with the back of the aluminum veneer, the surface of the aluminum veneer shall not be obviously raised, dented or coated after the completion of the planting nails, and the appearance of the aluminum veneer shall not be affected. The fixation shall be firm.Check the flatness of aluminum veneer board surface: the flat and vertical aluminum veneer board surface shall be checked by horizontal detector, and the allowable deviation shall be 2.5mm; the Yin and Yang Angle shall be checked by square rule, and the allowable deviation shall be 2.5mm;Check the folding Angle of aluminum veneer and the Angle deviation of multiple folding plates: it should be within ±0.50, the radius of the rounded corners of aluminum sheet folding should meet the design requirements, and the folding should be formed at one time;Check the machining accuracy of aluminum veneer, such as length and width dimension deviation, diagonal dimension difference and opposite parallelism deviation;Check the position of riveting lug on the folding edge of aluminum veneer board against the drawing.

6. Aluminum veneer shall be piled up according to the specifications. It shall not be piled together with other goods to prevent collision and deformation.

7. Scaffold shall be set up before installation and construction, and the hanging basket of installation operation shall be checked and accepted by relevant departments.Check whether the scaffold complies with curtain wall construction and code requirements.


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