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The application of building metal decoration net and building metal curtain wall net in construction engineering


Architectural decoration engineering is the redesign and construction of architectural space after the building structure is formed.

Architectural decoration engineering can be divided into early decoration and late decoration.Prophase decoration refers to the partial or complete decoration of the goods structure of the building according to the special requirements of a certain use function after the completion of the construction of the construction of the project has not been completed.At present, the general decoration project in the society is the late decoration.

Whether early or late decoration, can be divided into interior architectural decoration, interior equipment decoration and outdoor architecture and environment decoration.

1. Interior architectural decoration

(1) interior floor decoration.Usually refers to the interior floor or floor structure after the completion of the construction, with a variety of different materials for the surface decoration.Including cement floor, terrazzo floor, block material floor and other general floor decoration and now floor decoration, such as wood floor, carpet, granite, laser glass.

(2) interior wall cylinder decoration.Usually refers to the interior wall column structure construction after completion, with a variety of different materials for the surface decoration, and indoor partition, partition.Including general plastering, decorative plastering, veneer and modern veneer decoration, such as aluminum alloy glass partition, glass curtain wall, stainless steel veneer, magnesium aluminum curved plate, laser glass and so on.

(3) indoor ceiling decoration.Indoor ceiling decoration includes general indoor concrete roof plastering, painting, ceiling stock price (wood, light steel, aluminum alloy), ceiling surface and finish (such as gypsum board, sound absorption board, wire glass, hollow lighting glass, etc.).

(4) interior door and window engineering.Usually refers to the wood, steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, cutting board, glass and other materials for decoration.Including creel board, paste face, pressure seam, hardware accessories, door locks, curtain boxes, curtains, etc.

(5) interior wood decoration, with a variety of hardwood (such as ash, nanmu, camphor, beech, etc.), cork (such as white pine, etc.), plywood, wood grain surface decoration.Paint, coating variety, wide range of applications.

2. Outdoor architecture and environmental decoration

(1) outdoor architectural decoration

The exterior decoration of buildings and goods structures themselves, including outdoor walls, columns and roofing decoration: outdoor doors and Windows decoration, such as security doors, fire doors, exterior window covers, flower Windows, tiger Windows, etc.;Other outdoor decoration, such as signs, building signs, decorative strips, metal decorative nets, neon lights, calligraphy and so on

(2) outdoor environment decoration

Outdoor environment decoration is an important part of modern architecture decoration, including all kinds of walls, far gate, greening, lighting, pavilions, waterside pavilion, rockery, sculpture and so on.


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