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  • What are the common problems of curtain wall construction?

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    Now curtain wall decoration has become a very common building facade structure.There are many problems in curtain wall construction, among which some quality pr...

What are the common problems of curtain wall construction?


Now curtain wall decoration has become a very common building facade structure.There are many problems in curtain wall construction, among which some quality problems may occur in the construction process. Therefore, in the process of curtain wall construction, professional technical level and reasonable process should be adopted to improve the construction quality of the curtain wall and reduce accidents in the use process.


I. common quality problems in curtain wall construction

1. The implementation of fire control work in construction is not in place

In many cases, part of the construction project units still do not pay enough attention to the problem of fire control. Due to the nature of raw materials for curtain wall construction, fire control work plays a very important role in the construction of this link.If do not pay attention to the fire problem, or the thickness and quality of its fire layer did not meet the corresponding standard requirements, such words will bring a certain safety hidden danger to the curtain wall construction.

2. Low quality of components

In curtain wall construction, many times the construction is completed by connecting different component structures.If the quality of the component itself is not qualified, it will directly affect the quality of the construction project, but part of the construction project.Therefore, in the production of curtain wall construction components, the cutting and assembly of components need to be implemented in strict accordance with the corresponding technical standards, to ensure the regularity of cutting construction and the corresponding standards of assembly gaps.Of course, in the process of installing components, the installer should also carry out reasonable installation of components.

3. Problems in installation and construction

In the process of installation and construction, the main problems focus on embedded parts, the more common problems are the lack of embedded parts themselves installed quantity, and the location of embedded parts installation is not scientific.Moreover, for curtain wall construction, the problem of telescopic deformation is a common problem in curtain wall construction.However, due to the insufficient consideration of the technical personnel in this regard, there are problems in the reservation of the corresponding space.The smooth progress of the whole construction link is affected.

Second, to improve the quality of curtain wall construction technology

In order to strictly control the quality of curtain wall construction technology, the need to improve and standardize the relevant laws and regulations and needs to be related to the operation of the technical institutionalization, standardization, want to choose the technology, strict quality, materials, with strictly standards for review, at the same time, the related construction personnel to ensure the related certificates, this is to ensure that the premise of good quality and standard of curtain wall construction.To be operated with strict standards, the importance of establishing curtain wall construction.

In curtain wall construction, the selection of materials to have a strict standard.In the process of material procurement, to strictly control the quality of materials, for some of the key role of the material, but also need to professional institutions for inspection and testing, if found unqualified construction materials, it is necessary to eliminate the use, to ensure that the construction materials must meet the construction requirements.

Curtain wall construction in our modern construction project has the extremely important position, but, in the construction of curtain wall is still has many problems, therefore, we need to give notice for curtain wall construction, at the same time, the designers and construction personnel need to have good professional knowledge and skills, do a good job in construction quality control, promote the development of curtain wall construction technology.


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